Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hurricane Bill

Camera color correction set to daylight. This is the actual color of the sky.

Spent most of the day installing photo software on to the netbook. With the laptop in the shop I would quickly get behind on my photo sifting, editing, posting, It’s been two and a half weeks since RollerCon and I’m still sifting through those photos! On top of that there’s still wedding photos from the previous month that I’ll have to deliver soon. (I'm actually surprised Leona hasn't bugged me for them yet)

News about a storm approaching Atlantic Canada by the name of Hurricane Bill was on the television. As we’re not really that close, we’re not close at all to the Atlantic ocean, news of the hurricane is just news. At least until a bunch of clouds descended on to our city showering us with horizontal rain. The Durham region had a tornado touch down causing a bunch of damage. As for us who were living downtown, we experienced really weird lighting.

Pumpkin left out in the horizontal rain

It was like an orange gel had been put over everything. I looked out the window with Martina, my downstairs neighbour, and then went outside just to make sure what I was seeing was correct. It wasn’t some weird glaze that was put on our windows.

It really was yellow/orange, like the sun became a large tungsten light bulb. Pumpkin who had been left out looked pissed off. Soaked to the bone the cat meowed “Why me? “ and then the “Do I get food for experiencing all this?”. At least that’s what I’d imagined he was meowing. I’m no cat whisperer, but the cat seems to have a one track mind.

The lawn is wet

I walked around the front lawn taking photos, then took the cat inside to dry him with a towel, then placed the cat back outside.

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