Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rain, smog, cool weather

Yonge street

It's raining today. Buckets. I can't believe it. What timing. Just when I get back. It's amazing!!

After being in a desert for a week and dehydrating each time I went outside, the rain and moisture is a welcome gift from nature. Wet shoes, soggy feet and being drenched head to toe. Yay for rain!

While walking home a car beeped at me. It was Brenton. He had just gotten his hair cut and asked if I needed a lift. By this point I was completely drenched. It was only another half hour to get home and I didn't want to get his car wet.

Brenton says "Hi"

Brenton's new doo.

The neighbourhood still looked that same. It had only been a week that I was away. Kyoko (landlord) was driving in a new car and Jeff was washing the organic bucket in a suit. Nothing crazy and Twilight Zoney. It's good to be home.

Kyoko and Chris' new car.

Jeff cleaning the organic waste bin

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