Saturday, August 01, 2009

Post black and blue ball 2009

The last photo from the Flamingo.

After politely getting escorted off the Flamingo pool area at midnight by a line of security, we (as in the roller derby people) split off to different venues. Some went to the Rock House (the bar located in front of the Imperial Palace), others went to the Imperial Palace dealtainer area, some went to the second floor of the Imperial Palace (the Karaoke room), and I'm sure others but not many went back to their rooms to crash.

Tommy Toxic gets his photo taken with some admirers on the Strip

"Billy Idol"

Cool hair... with an octopus!

At some point I wandered over to the Rock House. The entrance that faced the main entrance of the Imperial Palace had security people telling us to go around to the front, the entrance off the Strip. There was a crazy assed line to get in. You can see Thomas Refferson (see photo above) in said line.

I also found a girl wearing a tuxedo shirt. Yeah!!!

Of course we had to get a photo of the two tuxedo shirts.

...which was then followed by getting a girl in between the two tuxedo shirts.

Can't get enough of Nerd Rage? Then see what's she up to now on Twitter.

Not wanting to spend my time in Vegas in a line up I went back to the Imperial Palace's karaoke room.

Looking to see if the bruise can be photographed on Pussy Venom's face.

Pussy Venom in better lighting, can you make out the bruise?

Some of the girls from the Boston Massacre.

Montreal's Georgia. W Tush with Boston's Claire D. Way

Tomic Toxic sports an arm of marker art work

Journey's "Don't stop believin''"

Pause during guitar solo

Full on vocals

"...street lights... people... uh oh ohhhh."

Our hotel neighbour.
Believe it or not this photo would become useful later on.

Nerd Rage singing up a storm with Teenage Head's "Psycho Killer".

Has anyone seen B-Train?
Yeah around 2:30am (see the photo, as noted before, did come in handy)

Some girls that I thought were knocking on my hotel door. They were actually knocking quite loudly on the door next door. I lent them a T-shirt because they couldn't get access to their clothing...

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Anonymous said...

seriously b train? how did she sleep through that? thanks for the shirt!
xoxo delilah danger