Saturday, August 22, 2009

ToRD vs Detroit

MegaBouche waves to the camera

More accurately it's ToRD's CN Power (travel team) vs the Disassembly Line from Detroit. The Detroit girls had just come in from Hamilton where they scrimmaged last night with the Hammer City Roller Girls. Along with them came some of the Hamilton girls to cheer them on.

I should be noted that while small in numbers (and some in size) Hammer City can be pretty vocal and loud when they want to be. Up against the ToRD fans they're like the fans made with the genetic make up of Spartan warriors only in vocal form.

Ivy Rupted alone could take on the whole room by herself. I know. I've seen it done. This is one of the reasons why Hammer City loves her.

AK coaches the Detroit girls

Pre-game warm up.

Girls from the Hammer come to Toronto to cheer on Detroit

The Detroit bench

Cranky Pants gets the crowd going

A whip

A beeramid

D-minus talking to the Hammer City Fans

A pyramid for the Disassembly Line with Ivy on the top.

Dolly Destructo

Candy Crossbones skates the outside around the pack

Me and the super cool Detroit photographer Colin ( tonight's 50/50 draw winner.

Furious George excited about the win.

Final Score
CN Power 122
Disassembly line 90


Anonymous said...

That's Dolly Destructo, not Land Shark.

BagelHot said...

you're absolutely right. Corrected.