Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photos and tooth

View from Leona and Adam's apartment

I spent the day working on the final touches for the delivery of Leona and Adam’s photos. That wedding that happened all those days ago. The netbook originally being a band-aid solution to my laptop blowing up had now become my main photo editing machine. Who knew? The finalized sifting and sorting and color correcting, it did it all except maybe a tad slower.

My toothache had become less painful. Oh yeah, did I not mention my tooth started giving me shooting pains yesterday? Uh, no. Probably why there's no blog entry. I was rolling around in pain. Woke up with the lower jaw throbbing. It was hard to think about anything else. Not sure what happened. I was fine when I went to sleep the night before.

Just to be sure it wasn't some random temporary oddity I spent the day seeing if it would go away. Sleeping most of the time and waking up to see if I could eat anything. It didn't go away and I didn't eat much. It was still bothering me today but to a lesser extent. Maybe the nerve that was being triggered was getting dulled. It only annoyed me while eating or talking. I managed to make an appointment with the dentist tomorrow for 3pm. Yay!

I also managed to get over to Leona and Adam's to deliver the photos.

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