Saturday, August 15, 2009

HCRG vs SKIDS 2009

Brunch in Hamilton at the Cat and Fiddle.

My two favorite roller derby teams Hammer City and Montreal were playing today in what was to be the first all Canadian WFTDA sanctioned bout! Unfortunately the official WFTDA part wasn’t going to happen due to not enough WFTDA skaters from Montreal making the trip. D'oh!

The day started off by meeting up with the Hammer City skaters for brunch. Joining them was a last minute decision on my part and a lucky thing too as I would have made my way to the wrong venue otherwise. The game wasn’t at the Dave Anderchuck (or Mountain) arena like it had been for the rest of the season but at the Market street arena in Dundas.

I ended up getting a lift from Pulled Pork a relatively new ref for Hamilton. There was a cactus festival going on so we were told to get to the arena early to find parking.

Dicey (905) gets interviewed before the game

The arena was incredibly hot and quite dim (at least for us photographing the game).

photographers tip:
It’s always good to ask the head maintenance guy at a arena if the lights can get brighter. There is sometimes various settings that the lights can be set at and usually they will be set to the lowest setting to save power and in this case to produce less heat. The difference can be a few stops which can make your photos go from dark and muddy to dim and sharper. It should also be noted that lights sometimes take as much as half an hour to reach their full brightness and color temperature.

At one point during the game I stood up and everything started to get fuzzy and dark. Heat exhaustion? Most likely. I don't know how the girls skates under those conditions and why weren't any of the side doors opened?

Georgia W. Tush (40 oz) indulges my request to leap in the air for another submission to Sin City Skates "Got Air" contest. I didn't know at the time that I had already won it. Wowee!

The New Skids on the Block

The game was close, bouncing between Hammer City and Montreal. It was near the end of the game, the score was almost tied that Wrath Poutine managed to score 8 points and win the game for Montreal.

Jess Bandit (-8)

Perky Set (pi) says "Hi" to the Skids

Some of the Harlot Alumni

Toronto fans!

Little Mean Mama (0) flies

Cut off (706) does derby ballet

Tommy Toxic and Tropi Kill Punch your sin bin workers

Wrath Poutine (Dirty 30) lead jammer, point scorer

Charlotte Bruise a lot and Jess Bandit peer from the bench

Derby yoga?

Miss Carriage (33 1/3) at the bench

Vicadoom (420) races around the track tailed by Wrate Poutine (Dirty 30)

Georgia W. Tush (40 oz)

Smack Daddy (XXX) takes a flying leap

Wrath Poutine (Dirty 30) gets eight points to advance Montreal

I'm not sure what's going on here.

Watching the bout

Dicey (905)

Bouncing off Tush

Wrath Poutine (Dirty 30)

Carla Coma (624) up against Wrath Poutine (Dirty 30)

Dicey (905) makes a move to block Trash N' Smash (1.8 L)

Georgia W. Tush hugs Miss Carriage

Carla Coma sad that HCRG lost the game

Final score

Hammer City Eh Team 80
Montreal New Skids on the Block 84

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