Friday, August 14, 2009

Nasher's Birthday

I woke up and it was still hot today. I spent most of the morning working on laptop diagnostics. After a few hours of different configurations I have come to the conclusion that a bank of memory had fried causing weird warnings and crashes. I’m surprised that the bios ram check doesn’t pick up stuff like that.

I managed to get the thing booted and started a virus check running before heading to the Rhino and Nashers birthday party.

I still have to burn the photos from the Vegas wedding to disc. I also still have to burn a disc for Pittsburgh.

Chicks Ahoy's Nasher The Smasher


Now on the bloor blue night bus on the way back home. Just left a cab with Tera, Megan, and her brother. The bus is pretty crowed for a Friday night. Standing room only. Will get home and fire up the laptop which should be shut down by now from the virus checking software.

Have to work on Tush’s Wedding photos and if I have time will attempt to upload more RollerCon photos to the blog.

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