Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Skids vs Queen City

The Hamtrealto Superfriends

The New Skids on the Block or known today as the Hamtrealto Superfriends played a game against the Queen City Roller Derby Girls today in Buffalo, make that North Tonawanda. After playing against Hamilton yesterday some of the Skids had to head back to Montreal. So in order to fill up the roster some girls from Hammer City and Rebel Rock-it from Toronto donned the New Skids uniform for the day.

The Hammer City contingent consisted of Eduskating Rita, Perky Set, and Big Tickets. Us non-skaters (at least for today) and the entire cheering section for Hamtrealto were Jett Girl, Son of a Bitch, and me sitting right in the middle of the room between corners two and three. The rest of the venue was packed with Queen City fans. Loud, crazy, fun, fans!

Queen City Roller Derby Girls

It was times like this where I wished we grabbed Paul Bearer from singing karoake this morning to go with us. His set of lungs would have been great here. The game was close with Queen City trailing Hamtrealto after the first period by only 6 points. While in the lead the cheering Queen City fans muffled us considerably. Once Hamtrealto pulled ahead the venue was silent with the exception of Jett Girl, Son of a Bitch, and I screaming our heads off that is.

There were some really good plays. At one point Jess Bandit and Nameless Whorror were the only two Hamtrealto skaters on the track, they sped up making it difficult for the Queen City jammer to score. Jett Girl and I shouted "go, go, go!!! SKATE FASTER!!!", "Yay Skids!"

Tommy Toxic, Null Ptr Ref, and Pat Smear

Perky Set (pi)

Ninja Simone (23)

Ace Bandage, her last game as a ref.

Lip Service (360) speeds around the track as lead jammer

During the game Eduskate wowed us with two jams where she scored the whole four points in each jam. “Go Rita!!” we yelled as she skated by. My voice was starting to go. I should stick to using noise makers or the duck whistle.

Despite the pain of losing my voice both Jett Girl and I were screaming at the top of our lungs for most of the second period. “go, go, GO!!!”, "Go Eduskate!!", “Go Perky!!”, “Go Tush!!!”. I don't think I've ever cheered louder at any other game. There were only three of us and we had to make up for all of Hamilton, Montreal and Toronto that were missing the game. Channelling that I yelled my last "GO MONTreaaaaah...". My voice died.

The turning point in the game was while the jammer for Queen City was in the penalty box. Georgia W. Tush was jamming and scored 15 points. 15 points with her bad knee and after recovering from the party the night before. 15 points with her jamming most of the game because Hamtrealto only had 9 players to Queen City's 14.

The Hamtrealto wall

Perky Set (pi) makes her way through the pack

Eduskating Rita (2009), lead jammer

Lip Service (360) manoeuvres around Rebel Rock-it (7)

Georgia W. Tush (40 oz) skates like a machine

Georgia W Tush attempting to pass on the outside

Final Score
Queen City Roller Girls 69
New Skids on the Block 85

"Yea!!!!!". I think I started to tear up.

The Hamtrealto SuperFriends and the Queen City Roller Derby Girls

Same as above but with with refs and the cool announcers!

Icing the injured leg. "I'm surprised it didn't fall off."

Post game celebrations were held at the after party in the same venue. This was nice and convenient as the Hamtrealto skaters were tired and had a long trip back to Montreal, Hamilton and Toronto. Any time saving measures getting to the after party was appreciated.

The Queen City Roller Derby girls had a nice buffet type style spread of salad, pasta and meatballs. I was impressed that they let the visiting team, us, have first crack at it. They were great hosts.

Yummy eats courtesy of the Queen City Roller Derby Girls.

Refuelling for the long trip back to Montreal

The drink counter

After chowing down it was back on the road. We said good bye to the Montrealers who had a seven hour trip ahead of them, got in the pick up truck and returned to Toronto.

Fireworks at the US/Canada border

We are here.

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