Saturday, January 27, 2007

Angie Visits

Angie's clothes sample

Angie came to town from Nova Scotia today for some convention going on this weekend at the International Center. Due to procrastination over the week I forced myself to get up at 5am to clean the apartment and make space for her to drop off her luggage and crash. Luckily the apartment cleaning was started last month so finishing wasn't too much of a challenge. You can actually eat off the bathroom floor again.

The big challenge was to get all the stuff off the floor that I'd been organizing but had not got a change to finish. Bills, tax forms, recipts, that sort of thing. Lots of envelopes. My parents bought me a shredder for Christmas. Shredder? Who needs a shredder? How much paper does one require to have a shredder? I suppose my parents were concerned about identity theft. Not that I leave anything with my name lying around in the garbage anyway.

Well whatever. A shredder I got and a shredder I used. It was actually in some weird way fun to throw in documents, post it notes, old business cards, photos that didn't turn out, and anything else I could stuff into the machine without it getting stuck. I suppose I could use the resultant little papers as kindling next time we have a barbecue.

Angie arrived at around 11am. Which was perfect timing as the floor just finished drying. There was that lemony mister Clean scent throughout the apartment. You could see your face in the toilet bowl. Woo hoo. A job well done, as I pat myself on the back.

A special thanks goes out to Marc as I managed to wrangle him into helping me transport new shelves to the apartment last night from the nearby Home Depot.

For the most part once Angie arrived all we did was eat. Went for Dim Sum during the late morning (the Pearl Court on Gerrard, east of broadview) and then went for all you can eat Indian food at 7pm. By 9:30 we fell asleep. Around 2am I woke up, as I don't sleep more than 5 hours, and went into the other room to play WoW. With earphones on the only thing you could hear was the padding of the keys and the odd "Take that you." whispered by me as I smashed a creature's head in.

I noticed my neck started to hurt. Went to look at the clock. It was 7:30am. Angie was starting to wake up. We went to breakfast at around 9:30am at the local family restaurant and by 11:00am she left for the trade show.

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