Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Samosas To Go

A place on Gerrard that offers Indian snacks

A while ago I was introduced to this place or rather the vegetable samosas of this place by the owner of Hutoshi (the hair salon). Cheaper than a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, at 70 cents each, they're a pretty good snack.

I pass by the store on a regular basis but for some reason haven't gone in nearly enough since I've known of their existence. Maybe it's too far away, it's not really it's only five blocks down the road, but I usually only pass the store when I'm on the streetcar.

It's funny how we get used to taking the same route to work, school, the camera store. We miss places like this that are right next to or close to our home. When's the last time you walked around the place you live and actually looked around (and not at the ground)? Granted if living in a suburb with a lot of houses you may walk and just see more rows of houses but maybe there's a power line you never noticed, something as simple as a fire hydrant, a new stop sign, a dog that barks too much.

Don't feel bad if it's been a while or maybe even never. You're in good company. Along with me, I have friends. One person lived in a city for a year and didn't get a chance to meet any of his next door neighbours or see the city other than places to buy food and the trip to work. Another friend of mine wanted to know where there was a place that played jazz only to find out there was one a block away.

Playing Wow is all about exploring and seeing what's where. I figured today I would go out and do it in the real world. First stop, the samosa store.

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Cupcake said...

Hey, I believe that's the same place William and I got our wedding give-aways! Rather than give away a small trinket that people tend to donate to GoodWill, we decided to give out edibles. It was burfi -- made from condensed milk and pistachio nuts. Do you remember it? I wrapped them in a tulle silver-gray pouch. I really don't expect you to remember it. :-D