Monday, January 22, 2007

Stuff We Love

"We Love" at the Horseshoe

Tonight at the Horseshoe a band called "We Love" performed. The girl doing the lead vocals had a voice that was reminiscent of Pat Benatar. She was great. The last song performed was a cover of Billy Idol's "Eyes without a face". The rendition of this song was good, there were even people in the audience humming along. The thing that bugged me a bit was the singer's voice would trail off while singing the verse "eyes without a face", it sounded more like "eyes without a fa...". The clipped singing reminded me of Diana Krall.

Maybe it was the sound set up, maybe it was the band, but the instruments sounded like mush. It was hard to make out each instrument from one another. It was unfortunate considering the energy the guitarists seemed to be putting into their performance. They had a good stage presence, not just talking heads strumming guitars.

As with any new bands, with a little more fine tuning and some pointers from the local photographer I think they could be on to something.

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