Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ruler of the Universe

This cat does not look amused.

Day two of doing tax stuff. Thanks to a night of Warcraft I didn't really sleep at all last night and fell asleep at James' place while taking a "fifteen minute" break that lasted three or four hours. Data entry can be prety boring and to get around that a bit today's subject for taking pictures was the cat of the house.

I used to have a cat when I lived with my parents. I also had a dog, a couple of hamsters, turtles, even some fish. Not all at the same time. For this blog's purpose it's really the dog and the cat that are important here. My dog, Lucky, named that because he escaped death a number of times before we adopted him was a pretty smart border collie.

He seemed pretty happy for the most part with the exception of the mail man. Lucky tried clawing through the door trying to get at this invader that was dropping off stuff at our door. It didn't help that my uncle that lived with us was also a mail man. I suppose that confused the dog to no end. The dog was pretty energetic and liked to be involved with whatever us humans were doing. Eating, taking drives in the car, sleeping on the bed or couch depending on where you were. Lucky was a people dog.

On the flip side my cat was not a people cat unless that person had food or smelt like food. The differences between the dog and cat were like a guy on a vacation and a guy from a prisoner of war camp. I received an email a number of years ago which I'll paraphrase below.

The Dog's thoughts

Car ride... yay!!! Walks... yay!!! Food... yay!!! Attention...yay!!!

The Cat's thoughts

Day one hundred and fifty-nine. I've been stuck in this hell hole for months. They think they'll break me with their crappy ass food from the tin and their catnip drugs in the small furry delivery system but I think I've got something to use against them. The small human, the boy, has a thing called allergies. His eyes swell up and he can't breathe. This afternoon when they go out I'll make sure shed my fur on all their dark clothing. Then when the boy is having an attack I'll escapr to the outside world in all the confusion.

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phaedrav said...

Men are dogs. Women are cats.