Friday, January 05, 2007

Fun with Leanna

Leanna Spina with lighter hair

It occurred to me that I hadn't spent much time with my make up artist in a while. We had been meaning to get together over the Christmas holidays but that never happened. Today I finally gave her a call and we ended up meeting up.

"Look out!"

After a nice piece of home made meatloaf we ended up going to the Italian Design exhibit at the ROM. Originally I had made plans to see it with the girl but now that things were messed up I opted to go see it anyway. We bumped into Neil on the subway. I snuck up to him to take the picture below. He was on his way to some store to buy electronic parts for some party.

Neil makes his way to an electronics store

The ROM is packed with last minute viewers

The line was huge. We stood there for about 40 minutes waiting to get in. I kept checking my phone to see if Marc called. We were supposed to meet at 7:30. I figured Marc would have called earlier in the day sometime shortly after calling him in the afternoon. As luck would have it he did call about five minutes after we got in. Thanks to my crappy phone I didn't hear the call. It wasn't until we left that I had realized that Marc had stood in line only to leave the museum at 8pm.

"Got a loaf of bread?"

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