Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Island Fools

Goo and Gnat at Island foods

Today's lunch with Gudrun (goo) and Natasha (Gnat) at island foods was the highlight of my day. Bumping into Leanna on the streetcar on the way to Island foods in the west end would rank a very close second.

My top five favorite Roti places in Toronto are...

  1. Island Foods - King, east of Dufferin

  2. Roti Palace - Bathurst, south of Bloor

  3. Coconut Grove - Dundas, east of University

  4. Albert's - Queen, east of Bathurst

  5. D+D foods - Gerrard, west of Greenwood

I'm not really sure what it is about a roti that I like. It's one of those foods my father introduced to me as a kid and I guess it just stuck. The shell of the roti has to be soft and flavourful which is why some of the obvious roti places that people think of in Toronto are not listed. I'm not really fond of roti shells that are hard or tough.

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