Friday, January 26, 2007

Art gallery on a snowy night

The LandymoreKeith Art Gallery

Friday night. Another gallery opening at LandymoreKeith gallery. Met up with Anna-lea to get back my London tourist kit (basically the AZ guide map book, a tube map, and my Oyster card*). It was snowy today making walkiong rather difficult. Even with my boots I was sliding around. I managed to get to the gallery for the designated 8pm meet time.

It was packed. See all the condensation on the window in above picture. Some familiar faces. Then there was this guy in the crowd. I was sure I saw him somewhere else. TV person? Movie person? Later on someone in the room told me it was Atom Egoyan. Ooooh.

Atom Egoyan? Yes, it is.

That's the great thing about being a Canadian director, you can for the most part just blend in without people popping out of the woodwork asking for your autograph. That is unless you go to the local comic/sci-fi convention.

*Oyster card is the tube pass, a public transportation rechargeable swipe card. Kind of like Toronto's version of the TTC metropass but only better.


John Smith said...

You take great photographs! What camera is that?

BagelHot said...

The camera Iused this night was the Nikon D200. I started using the Nikon990 swivel camera when I started blogging. Since then I switched to the Nikon D70 and finally to the D200.

If you look through all the blog entries you'll find out when the newer cameras were introduced. You can type in the camera model number (ie. D70 or D200) in the search area on the top of the page. Google will probably find the entries for you.

phaedrav said...

Directors don't get groupies, only actors get groupies, and not even all of them, not even all the good ones.