Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cupcake Cooks

Some tiger made of lights near Christie station

Hurray for Cupcake and her family not eating chicken on Christmas day. Because of this I was invited for a post Christmas meal today. For is always great the the Cupcake household but the dessert is usually the best part.

I was used as the guinea pig to sit on various chairs to see if they'd break. What's up with that? Read here if you're really interested. William had screwed in the legs to the chair's support beams. With luck my shifting weight wouldn't break them. Thank God, they held. Maybe for next Christmas I could get them a few cement blocks with a rubber bottoms to be used as chairs
year. With my luck the floor would probably give.

Little Miss Ham

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Cupcake rules!

The evil Fin attacks with a plastic dish

I ended up staying until 1:20am. As with most visits we seem to talk a lot, catching up and sharing the horror stories such that my life is filled with. I managed to get to the subway only seconds before the 1:40am train, the last train of the night, pulled in.

Listening to MP3s on the last train

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