Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Toaster's Maiden Voyage

The new Toaster.... with bagel option!

While running across the map in World of Warcraft, I decided to toast a bagel with my new toaster. Actually the truth is I lost track of time and missed going to the supermarket for groceries. Whoops. The only thing I had in the fridge were some bagels with cream cheese.

It's about 5:00am. I'm just trying to get my character, "Toastie" the gnome mage, into a safe place to sleep before I logout. Yes, your character can gain experience even when you're logged off.

The first toasted bagel using above toaster

The design of the toaster is interesting. I'm not sure I like the ovalness to it as it takes up more space than the rectangular Betty Crocker toaster, but I do like the fact that the toast goes in on an angle. This means that, in theory, the crumbs all collect on the bottom crumb tray. Plus, the toast doesn't have to totally work against gravity by popping straight up. The other bad thing is that the power cord is real short (just under 3 feet) and I'm not too crazy about the unit being made out of plastic.

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phaedrav said...

Toaster's so cute! Has to get into an animation... Appliance sex for next year's HLAP?