Tuesday, January 30, 2007

WoW, I'm an Idiot

My ingenious plan on allowing the run key to be pressed

Sometime during my "Why is my back hurting?" 16 hour marathon of playing World of Worldcraft I came up with the idea to place a roll of dimes on the keyboard. This would allow the character to keep running forward while I, in the "real world", went off to grab a bite to eat, or use the facilities. There was a point where my character kept dying as I tried to take on four or more radiation poisoned gnomes, wolves, or wheat harvesters at any given time.

In the game you are resurrected as a ghost. Your job is to float back to your dead corpse to come back to life. Sometimes the corpse is all the way on the other side of the map. It literally takes minutes to navigate back. Enough time to put the kettle on, or eat a toasted bagel (more on this later). The key being pressed down by an object other than your finger was brillant in that you could be free to do other things. Unfortunately my well thought out soon to be marketed idea fell by the way side as I realizeed that hitting the NUM LOCK key would put the character on autopilot. D'oh!!!!!

I started playing in the afternoon and kept going until about 5:30am. Granted I did make two levels today. 14 to 16. Woo hoo! There's something very satisfying about being able to knock the bajeezus out of some evil creatures terrorizing the local farmers and other innocent bystanders.

The sun comes up, goes down, comes back up again. I'm not talking about the game although there is a day and night thing happening. No I'm talking about the real world outside my apartment. It's no wonder my back is sore. I haven't moved in hours. It's like Neo (from the Matrix) only there's no tubing to allow me to eat and the other thing. At least not yet... Getting up to move every now and then is a good thing. They should have a dating expansion pack for this game then you really wouldn't have to move away from the computer. Oh yeah there's the going out and finding work and making money thing.

"Take that you troll!" Whack, Whack, Whack.

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